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How To Set Up Auto Invest?

How To Set Up Auto Invest?

So what sort of performance could you potentially expect from a robo advisor? Five years ago we launched Asia’s first robo advisor and some members earned up to 19% cumulative return in one year.*

Interested? Let’s show you how to set up an investment on our robo advisor, Auto Invest!

Setting up an Investment is as easy as 1, 2, 3

On the SoFi app, just tap “Auto Invest” on the top left corner to switch to our robo advisor.

Then fill out the risk profile questionnaire. This tells our robo advisor your tolerance to risk so it can customize an investment portfolio for you!

The ETF portfolios that are available to you are based on your risk profile questionnaire. So if you’re a risk-intolerant person, you’ll get a selection of low risk ETF portfolios.

So select an investment portfolio and make an initial investment, which can be as low as US$100 making it easy for you to start saving for that new iPhone!

You can even set up a monthly direct debit to your investment, so you build a good habit of investing and saving regularly for the future. This is an investment strategy that some would say is effective.

Instead of worrying about trying to time your investment and put all your money in as the markets are good, you invest smaller amounts of your money at regular intervals regardless of the price. This reduces the risk of you putting all your money upfront into the investment, which could cause you a big loss if the price drops.

In theory, dividing your money into smaller, multiple purchases maximizes your chances of paying a lower average price over time. This is called dollar cost averaging.

The Best Part

SoFi’s robo advisor is also cost effective. Most robo advisors normally charge a portfolio fee which is a percentage of your investment. 

We charge only a HK$30 monthly fee to use Auto Invest as well as Stock Trading and Social Trading! So you can rest assured that SoFi’s fees will not eat into your investment as it grows!

If you would like to learn more about robo investing, SoFi has other videos on our app and website. You can also check out our video and fact sheet about robo advising here. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started with SoFi Auto Invest today!

Want to know if investing with a Robo Advisor is suitable for you? Read more here.

*The investment strategy and portfolio used in Auto Invest is not the same as our previous robo advisor, the performance of our previous robo advisor is not indicative of the performance of Auto Invest.


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