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Auto Invest is here

SoFi’s robo advisor. It never sleeps. It never stops. All it ever does, is try to make you money.* Using AI technology, Auto Invest automatically invests your money into a diversified portfolio, taking into account how much risk you want to take.


Now, all you have to do, is sit back and see your money grow.


Want to learn more about robo advisors? Check out our educational video and factsheet. 


*Please refer to the risk disclosure under the Robo Advisory Agreement

Auto Invest is here Auto Invest is here

Why Auto Invest?

Here are three reasons why.

Expert advice without the price
Expert advice without the price
Don’t know much about investing? Not sure where to invest your money? Don’t have time to do it? No sweat.

Auto Invest solves all this for you.
Set your own strategy
Set your own strategy
Perhaps you’re a conservative individual and you don’t like risk. Or maybe you’re willing to ride the ups and downs to grow your money faster.

Whatever your personality, you choose the investment strategy to suit you.
We do all the work
We do all the work
Auto Invest will intelligently invest your money into a diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds in over 13,000 stocks in over 35 countries. It will manage and optimise this for you.

Who said investing was difficult?

Choose Your Investment Strategy.

Auto Invest does the rest.

Choose Your Investment Strategy. Choose Your Investment Strategy.
Watch Auto Invest do the work
Watch Auto Invest do the work
Auto Invest is quite possibly the easiest, safest, smartest, and laziest way to make money.

Watch our product video to see how Auto Invest takes the stress out of investing by doing the hard work for you. Auto Invest is now available in your SoFi app. Try it today!

Automate Your Investing Today

Make a one time investment or set up a recurring payment.

Whatever you choose, Auto Invest will grow it for you.

Automate Your Investing Today