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#WhyISoFi – Get inspired by these SoFi members!

#WhyISoFi – Get inspired by these SoFi members!

2020 was certainly a memorable year for investors for being a roller coaster ride. Are you curious about why people started investing last year? To kickstart 2021, we invited our SoFi members to tell us why they began buying stocks in 2020 and share their investment journey with SoFi Hong Kong. Read their stories to get inspired!

The full length video is available here on our official YouTube Channel!

#WhyISoFi ? It’s easy to use.

Tiffany, the vegan baker, is passionate about veganism and bakes with her heart. She’s a “slashie” who has multiple talents and successfully turned them into parallel careers. She’s a freelance translator, writer, actress and works part time at a vegan bakery. She is an adventurous person and willing to try new things.

SoFi 會員

“In 2020, I want to better use my time to learn how to invest. The SoFi App is easy to use and super suitable for beginners in investment like me. Start early to discover more opportunities!” — Tiffany, Beyond Meat Shareholder

Watch Tiffany’s story on YouTube.

#WhyISoFi ? I can trade on the go. 

Ansen is also a slashie. He demonstrates his great (and impressive) skateboarding tricks at the skatepark. His performance was a real showstopper. He shares how a trading app gives him the ability to trade anytime and anywhere, hassle free.

SoFi 會員

“I am an active person and my job requires me to be everywhere. An investing app is exactly what I need. My phone is always with me. I can trade on the go. SoFi makes the investment experience easy. Don’t miss out, trade on SoFi.” — Ansen, Nike Shareholder

Watch Ansen’s story on YouTube.

#WhyISoFi ? Because we are all in this together.

Gui and friends, the Three Musketeers, started investing together. They support and encourage each other. They shared how they got started in the very first place and recommended others to use the app.

SoFi 會員

“We are all SoFi members! Investing is something we’ve always wanted to do, but we just never got our heads around to it.” — Gui, Spotify Shareholder 

“When Gui mentioned SoFi we all thought, ‘why not, let’s do it’.” — Steven, Apple Shareholder 

“It’s great that we can do it together and be part of the SoFi community.”” — Reseena, Uber Shareholder

Watch Gui and friends’ story on YouTube.

#WhyISoFi? $0 fees and transparent

Natalie the yogee has a 9 to 6 full time job and is looking to elevate herself during leisure time. Yoga being one, learning how to invest being another. She wants to get started with investing with a small amount. 

SoFi 會員

“I have a busy lifestyle but I still insist on carrying out my daily one-hour yoga routine. Given my busy lifestyle, I need a platform like SoFi Hong Kong that can fulfil my needs and has a transparent charging system. I am glad that I seized the opportunity to join. I hope you can too!” — Natalie, Lululemon Shareholder

Watch Natalie’s story on YouTube.

Why you should get started too

Sometimes there are millions of voices in life that tell you “You Can’t”. But if not now, then when? These SoFi members work hard to prove themselves from daily life to investing. They say “You Can”. Seize the opportunity! Invest. Simple. With SoFi Hong Kong

Be part of the SoFi community that empowers each other!

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About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

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