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We have launched eIPO in the SoFi app – and it’s $0!

We have launched eIPO in the SoFi app – and it’s $0!

You asked and we delivered! We now have eIPO available. And the best part? It’s $0*.

What’s that I hear some of you ask? Let’s quickly explain. eIPO stands for “Electronic Initial Public Offering” service. 

When a private company prepares to go public (launch on the stock market) they will offer  shares of their company to the public. This is called an initial public offering (IPO). Some Initial Public Offering Bonds (IPO Bonds) issued by governments or government corporations also go through a similar process in public sale. In the past, to subscribe for IPO shares or bonds, you would normally submit an application form or make a phone call to a broker, bank or trading platform. But now, we have eIPO, which is much easier.

With eIPO you can now make an application to subscribe Hong Kong IPO available on the Hong Kong Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market or Hong Kong Government Bonds with a few simple taps in the SoFi app. You can track your application easily, get updates on whether you were successful or not in receiving the share allotments, and you’ll also be notified through email if you were not successful. And this is all done in the SoFi app. It’s that easy! 

So if you see an upcoming Hong Kong IPO you want to apply for, then use our new eIPO feature! You’ll see available and upcoming IPO listed under the stock search section.

Have more questions on eIPO? Then check out our FAQ.


About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

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