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Me + You Assets Transfer Campaign (2022)

Me + You Assets Transfer Campaign (2022)

Free cash, Apple watch, or iPhone 14 Plus for you and your friend!*

It’s simple. Starting 1st October 2022 and ending 31st December 2022:

  1. Transfer in cash and/or stocks and hold for four months
  2. Get a friend to do the same thing and both of you will get a reward!

Added bonus! If you are a new member, starting from 28th October 2022 to 3rd January 2023, you will receive a free AIG share* (worth US$61^).

Both of you have to achieve the same tier. If you are in different tiers, you will only be eligible for the “Just Me” rewards. If both of you have achieved the same tier, the holding period starts when the last deposit is made (cut-off is end of each month).

You and your friend must register your unique referral code found in your SoFi app either via the form here, on the SoFi website or app banner. Deadline is 31st December 2022. You will be informed about your eligibility by email before 10th January 2023.

What happens if my friend doesn’t follow through?
Your deposit amount and your holding period will be counted separately and your reward will be a bit different. See below for “Just Me” rewards:

  • Tier 1:
    You transfer in ≥HK$500,000 cash and/or stock and hold for 4 months -> you get HK$2,500 cash.
  • Tier 2:
    You transfer in ≥HK$750,000 cash and/or stock and hold for 4 months -> you get HK$6,000 cash.
  • Tier 3:
    You transfer in ≥$5,000,000 cash and/or stock and hold for 4 months -> you get HK$50,000 cash.

How do I refer my friend?
Simple! You refer your friend by sending them your unique referral code which you can get in the SoFi app. You and your friend must both register your unique referral code in the form on the website or app or here. The deadline to register the referral code is 31st December 2022 23:59 HKT. Multiple entries will result in disqualification from the “Me + You” reward. You will only be eligible for the “Just Me” reward.

What if I can’t find a friend?
If you can’t find a friend or your friend does not complete the transfer to achieve one of the tiers, you’ll be eligible for the “Just Me” reward as long as you hold your transfer for four months. You can also invite a friend to open an account and do it together!

Do I have to transfer the amount in one go?
The transfer net deposit is cumulative, meaning that you and your friend can make multiple transfers until you both achieve one of the tiers. However, the four-month holding period does not begin until you both achieve the same tier.

If I’m a new member in October, does my initial deposit count towards the Me + You campaign?
Yes, your initial deposit counts so you are already one step closer to getting the rewards!

How do I transfer stocks into SoFi?
Need a how-to-guide on how to transfer stocks into SoFi? Refer to this simple guide.

When do I get the reward?
Cash rewards will be deposited within the next month after you’ve completed holding your transfer task with us for four months. For iPhone or Apple Watch, we will contact you to arrange the distribution within the next month.

Can I withdraw funds or stocks during the campaign period?
Yes you can. However, your tiering may be affected by the amount you withdraw. For “Me + You” participants, you and your friend may only be eligible for the “Just Me” reward if you are not in the same tier.

Any terms and conditions I need to be aware of?
Yes. Read them all here.

*Terms and conditions apply.
^Price as of 29 November 2022.

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