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3 Simple Steps to Transfer Stocks into SoFi

3 Simple Steps to Transfer Stocks into SoFi


1. Simply fill in the Stock Instruction Form in SoFi Hong Kong App. You can find it under the “Transfer Stocks to SoFi” tab on [Settings] and [Balance] page.

2. Inform the firm currently holding your stocks (the counterparty) your transfer-out instruction.

3. Wait 3-5 business days (subject to the counterparty’s processing time) for your instruction to complete.


SoFi does not charge any fees for transferring your Hong Kong and US stocks to our platform.

The transfer usually takes 3-5 business days to complete. The actual completion date will vary as it largely depends on the processing time with the firm currently holding your stocks (the counterparty). Upon completion, your stocks will be reflected on the Portfolio page of the SoFi app and account statements accordingly.

In order to start processing your request, please give the counterparty a transfer-out instruction with the same stock(s) and quantity as you have instructed SoFi to receive, together with the information below from SoFi. SoFi does not accept stock transfers from a third party account. It is important that your account name with the counterparty matches your account name at SoFi. 

Company nameSoFi Securities (Hong Kong) Limited
CCASS ID (HK stock transfer)B01940
DTC code (US stock transfer)0294
Contact emailhkoperations@sofi.hk
Contact number+852 2693 8856

SoFi does not accept transfer of delisted and suspended stocks, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and Depository Trust Company (DTC) ineligible stocks.

SoFi will use your average cost provided to calculate the profit and loss of your holdings. If no average cost is provided, SoFi will use the latest closing price available when your stocks are deposited.

Questions? Contact us at hello@sofi.hk.


About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

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