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Green Bond 2023 Subscription Guide Enjoy 9 Fee Waivers with SoFi! 4.75% interest rate guaranteed by the HK Government

Green Bond 2023 Subscription Guide Enjoy 9 Fee Waivers with SoFi! 4.75% interest rate guaranteed by the HK Government

Great news! SoFi members can apply for Green Bond (Stock code: 4273) using the eIPO feature in the SoFi app starting from 18 Sept, 2023 with 9 fee waivers.

The HK Government guarantees a minimum payment of 4.75% interest rate with a maximum issuance size up to HK$20 billion. Minimum investment amount is HK$10,000 per lot.

And even better news? We are making it completely FREE by waiving all the following fees. 

Keep reading to get an overview of the things to know before applying, understand key dates of the subscription period, and get a guide on how to apply through SoFi’s app. 

SoFi Hong Kong Promotion: Enjoy 9 Fee Waivers!

green bond 2023 SoFi

What is Green Bond ?

Green bond is a type of fixed interest product. Holders can receive interest returns. The difference from general bonds is that the funds raised are used exclusively for green projects and are generally issued by governments, banks and enterprises.

According to the government information, the target issue size of the retail green bond is HK$15 billion. The Government may further increase the issuance size to a maximum of HK$20 billion having regard to market conditions. As set out in the Government’s Green Bond Framework, the proceeds raised under the Programme will be credited to the Capital Works Reserve Fund to finance or refinance green projects that provide environmental benefits and support the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Things to know about Green Bond 2023 Subscription

Minimum Investment: HK$10,000 per Lot 
Subscription Requirement: Aged 18 or above and valid HKID holder
Target Issue Amount: HK$15 billion. Depending on investor demand, this may be increased to a maximum of HK$20 billion.
Tenure: 3 years
Interest: Paid once every six months at a rate linked to average annual inflation in Hong Kong, subject to a minimum rate of 4.75%
Distribution Method: Circular distribution
Secondary Market Trading: Available 

green bond 2023 SoFi

If you are interested in subscribing to Green Bond, you can enjoy a $0 application fee as long as you become a SoFi member. Our monthly platform fee of HK$30 already includes Stock Trading, Auto Invest, and SoFi Social! Open an account now to unlock the power of AI with HKD 1,000 account opening promotion! 

For existing members, don’t forget to deposit funds into your account ahead of time. You can also earn SoFi points while you’re at it!

Deposit tips: Deposit via the eDDA method, you can top up your balance in the SoFi app instantly without the hassle of uploading the transfer proof, and funds will be available for trading immediately.

SoFi Points*: Deposit HK$15,000 = 10 Points / Deposit HK$30,000 = 20 Points / Deposit HK$60,000 = 45 Points

To learn more about Green Bond, please visit the Government’s Green Bond Programme website for more details.

How to Apply for Green Bond 2023 on SoFi app?

  1. Go to [Quick Access] >> IPO
  2. In the [Available] Tab, select Green Bond 2023.
  3. Review IPO details and prospectus then click [Apply].
  4. Select the quantity you would like to apply for, agree to the eIPO Terms of Use, and finally click [Confirm].
  5. Review details then click [Submit].
  6. Application submitted!

*Terms and conditions apply.


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