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eDDA Instant Deposit Guide

eDDA Instant Deposit Guide

Are you ready to experience SoFi eDDA that allows you to make a deposit at lightning speed? SoFi members can enjoy eDDA service free of charge.

What is eDDA?

eDDA is a fast deposit method for HKD based on the HKMA’s FPS service. After set up, you can top up your balance in the SoFi app instantly without the hassle of uploading the transfer proof, and funds will be available for trading immediately.*

How to set up eDDA?

You can set up eDDA within the SoFi app.

1. On Balance Page:
(a) “Manage Bank Accounts” – Choose your bank account – “Enable eDDA”
(b) “Deposit” – Choose “eDDA” as deposit method – “Enable eDDA”

2. Verify your bank account information.

3. Wait for your bank to process the authorization which is usually processed within 5 minutes.

How to Initiate an eDDA Instant Deposit?

After the setup, you can initiate an eDDA deposit.

Directly go to the “Deposit” page, choose “eDDA” as the deposit method, and your funds will be available for trading immediately.

Friendly Reminder for eDDA Set Up

Make sure:

  • The bank account is owned by you;
  • SoFi eDDA supports HSBC, BOC and Hang Seng bank accounts at the moment;
  • Must be HKD currency account;
  • Must be personal account, cannot be joint or company account;
  • Your bank’s register name is the same as SoFi’s record;
  • Your bank’s register identity number is the same as SoFi’s record;
  • Your bank’s register phone number is the same as SoFi’s record

Friendly Reminder for eDDA Deposit

  • The minimum amount is HK$1,000
  • The maximum amount is HK$1,000,000
  • Supported currency HKD

We currently only support HSBC, BOC and Hang Seng bank accounts and will be expanding to support more banks in the future. 

*Subject to the processing time of your bank(s)


About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

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