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$0 Platform Fee Until 2023 and a FREE iPhone 13 Pro!

$0 Platform Fee Until 2023 and a FREE iPhone 13 Pro!

SoFi Member exclusive offer! This summer in August, transfer assets into SoFi and get cash + stock + FREE platform fee for the rest of the year*! You even have a chance to get a FREE iPhone 13 Pro.

All you have to do is deposit the designated amount of assets (cash and/or stocks) into SoFi within August and hold the assets for 4 months until 31 December 2022. Details below.

Campaign Details

Campaign Period: Now – 31 Aug 2022

  • Tier 1: Net Deposit ≥HK$60,000, receive HK$600 reward 
  • Tier 2: Net Deposit ≥HK$150,000, receive HK$1,500 reward
  • Tier 3: Net Deposit ≥HK$300,000, receive HK$3,000 reward
  • Tier 4: Net Deposit ≥HK$1,000,000,receive HK$10,000 reward

Act now and enjoy the rewards!

Need a how-to guide on how to transfer stocks into SoFi? Refer to this simple guide.


  1. What is the deposit deadline?
    We recommend depositing your assets early to meet the deposit deadline of 31 August 2022. If you are transferring stocks in and not depositing with eDDA, do note processing times may take longer. The deposit time is determined based on when those activities appear on your e-statement.

    FYI: eDDA now supports HSBC, BOC and Hang Seng bank accounts!

  2. How do I know I’m entitled for the reward after depositing the assets?
    We will send you an email on or before 2 September 2022 to confirm your entitlement. After,  all you have to do is hold your assets until 31 December 2022. Don’t miss out, rewards are limited! 

  3. Can I withdraw funds or stocks during the campaign period?
    Yes you can. However, your reward will be affected by the amount you withdraw, so you may no longer be entitled to the same reward tier. Refer to T&Cs for more details.


Any additional assets deposited during the holding period from September to December 2022 will NOT be counted towards calculating your Reward entitlement.  

Have questions about Deposit and Withdrawal? Check out our FAQ page.

*Terms and conditions apply. 
1 SoFi HK reserves the right to replace any Stock Reward with alternative stock(s) without prior notice and at SoFi HK’s sole discretion.
2 The amount of Cash Reward is for reference only. The actual Cash Reward will depend on the value of Stock Reward. For example, if you are entitled to tier 1’s Reward and Twitter’s stock price is HK$400 when we deposit the Reward into your account, the Cash Reward will be HK$80 (Total Reward Value HK$600 – Stock Reward HK$400 – Free Platform Fee HK$120).
3 The Total Reward Value is the estimated sum of the value of Stock Reward, Cash Reward and four-month platform fee.


About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SoFi is one of the largest and fastest growing fintech companies in the US. Join over 4 million members around the world who put their trust in SoFi.


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