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Why Choose SoFi Hong Kong

Why Choose SoFi Hong Kong

We understand that it takes a lot of courage to establish a new relationship with a company, especially when it involves your hard-earned money. Thank you for taking the leap. In return, we assured that your assets, cash and stocks, are in good hands and safeguarded by our team in Hong Kong.

How are you protected

SoFi Securities (Hong Kong) Limited is a licensed brokerage in Hong Kong. We are regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC). We hold a Type 1 license for dealing in securities and a Type 4 license for advising on securities.

SoFi Securities (Hong Kong) Limited is also a registered member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

Where will your assets be safeguarded

Your cash is held in segregated custodial accounts with HSBC and Bank of China. This is to safeguard your deposits which is consistent with Hong Kong regulation. The U.S. and Hong Kong securities that you invest in are held in custody with the Depository Trust & Clearing Company (DTCC) and the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (“HKSCC”) respectively.

Furthermore, the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) was set up to protect up to HK$500,000 of your money should you suffer losses due to an intermediary default covering securities and contracts traded on HKEX.

You can view your account, holdings and cash positions 24/7 from the SoFi Hong Kong app. You can deposit and withdraw your money anytime.

Customer Support based in Hong Kong

We are here to support you. Our office is located in Central, the CBD of Hong Kong. Our Customer Service team is available from HKT 9am-5am on working days. You can call, email or chat with us from the website or apps during business hours if you need support from us.

The Story of SoFi Hong Kong

SoFi Hong Kong is Hong Kong arm of SoFi – an American personal finance company that provides many services including investing. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SoFi is one of the largest and fastest-growing online personal finance companies in the US. We serve over 5.5 million global members with one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.

How does SoFi Hong Kong make revenue?

We charge a small flat HK$30 monthly platform fee. It doesn’t matter how much you trade or how often you trade, the fee is only HK$30 a month. We also have a margin lending service for active traders. With these revenue streams we are able to invest in R&D, technology and infrastructure to best serve you. Read this blog to find out more about an array of services you get from that flat fee.


About SoFi Hong Kong

About SoFi Hong Kong

SoFi – Invest. Simple.


SoFi Hong Kong is the All-in-One Super App with stock trading, robo advisor and social features. Trade over 15,000 US and Hong Kong stocks in our SoFi App now.