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Opt-In to Pay as You Trade! Say Goodbye to Monthly Fees!

Opt-In to Pay as You Trade! Say Goodbye to Monthly Fees!

Opt-In to Pay as You Trade! Say Goodbye to Monthly Fees!

Effective from your first trade after January 1st, 2024*, you can wave goodbye to our HK$30 monthly fee and pay per trade. This new fee per trade model is ideal for investors like you. 

*  If you are a new customer who joins SoFi HK on or after 1 November 2023, you will automatically fall into new pricing starting from 1st January 2024.  If you are an existing customer, new Pricing will only be effective once you execute a trade starting from 0:00am 1st January 2024. Until you make your first trade, you will stick to the HK$30 monthly fee.

** Special rate of HK$0 Commission and HK$9.99 Platform Fee are available until 31 December 2024

Auto Invest, Fractional Trading and HK IPO Subscription- Free of Charge!

No sweat if you’re a fan of our Auto Invest and Fractional Trading and HK IPO subscription – they will continue to serve your investment goals free of charge. Trading fractional shares below 1 share will not be subject to new commission and platform fees under the new pricing structure. Our Auto Invest will remain free from the new commission and platform fee. Also no handling charges for HK IPO subscription.

Cashback – Trade More, Save More

To double down on the new pricing, we are thrilled to introduce the Cashback program starting from 1st January 2024 until 30th June 2024. You will automatically qualify for our Cashback reward when you reach the specified threshold. In short you will save more with every trade you make.

Terms and conditions apply.

Here’s some examples to illustrate how the new pricing and the Cashback reward works for you:

A table has been created to provide a comprehensive comparison between our new pricing and the fees charged by other brokers:

Cashback is not included in the table to provide a fair comparison of the standard fee

Join us now

From now on, you can join us anytime without worrying about the monthly fee. Join now and pay only when you trade later! 

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About SoFi Hong Kong

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