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Level Up Your Cyber Security

Level Up Your Cyber Security

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Did you know? 10,600 technology crimes were recorded in the first half of 2022, which accounts for 1/3 of the total crime figures in Hong Kong, with losses amounting to HK$1.5 billion*.

We’re improving your security!

Your account’s security is a top priority for SoFi Hong Kong, so we are enhancing our Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to further improve the security of your account.

What is 2FA in the SoFi App?

For your protection, we implemented Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for all of our members, and all members’ devices will need to be registered. 2FA adds an extra layer of security to make sure it is YOU that is trying to log into your SoFi account.

You can choose EITHER SMS or an authenticator app as the authentication method in the upcoming enhanced version.

How do I set up 2FA for the first time in the SoFi App?

After we implement the new 2FA, you will be directed to set it up for your account for the first time before logging in directly.

First, you will enter your login credentials to the SoFi app as usual. Then, you will be asked to register your mobile device with a 6-digit code either from a SMS message from your registered mobile number, or from an authenticator app. A 6-digit code will be sent to you by SMS or generated by the authenticator app. Input the code when you log in to access your account.


Make sure you go through the following checklist now to ensure a smooth setup process so your SoFi app experience is not disrupted during trading hours!

If you plan to use SMS:

  • Make sure your SoFi registered phone number is your latest mobile number. Contact our CS team to update any changes.
  • Make sure your network allows you to receive SMS.

If you plan to use an authenticator app:

Technology Crime Figure: https://cyberdefender.hk/en-us/statistics/

*Choose wisely if you are using any third-party authenticator app, it is at your own discretion and risk. SoFi HK disclaims any warranties regarding the security, reliability, timeliness, and performance of any of the authenticator app you use.


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About SoFi Hong Kong

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